AOC Engineering

Since its creation in 2001, AOC Engineering has been providing specialised engineering services in Ecuador to the highest quality standards in project management, planning, preparation, supervision, and pre-feasibility, feasibility, detail engineering and value engineering processes.


AOC Engineering is now also operating in the UK, and continues to provide consultancy working under the quality assurance guidelines of ISO 9001:2008 accredited by both UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Services) and OAE (Ecuadorian Accreditation Organisation).


Geology, Geotechnics and Soil Mechanics
Geological and geophysical studies, ground investigations, geotechnical engineering for mining facilities, oil facilities, bridges, tunnels, viaducts, buildings, dwellings, etc. including shallow and deep foundation design.


Slope Stability
Slope stability analysis and monitoring, remedial measures such as reinforced earth design, anchorage walls, soil nails. Landslide analysis and remediation.


Bridge Engineering
Topographical survey, hydrological studies, hydraulic operations, structure perforation analysis, environmental studies, geotechnical exploration, foundation analysis and structural design of bridges.


Roads and transport
Geometric road design, geometric crossings design, pavement design and evaluation, traffic studies, micro-modelling, etc.


Quality control
Quality assurance and inspection of engineering works, roadways, bridges, water, sewage, buildings, design and testing of concrete. Materials laboratory testing.


Specialised topography
Topographical surveys, precision GPS topographical mapping.

Environmental management and mitigation
Environmental impact studies, environmental audits, designs for running water works, sewage design, residual water treatment systems, water treatment plants, solid waste treatment systems.

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